I can conquer any challenge with MS

Few people without MS can claim to have run more than 26 miles at one time. Bill's dedication to a healthy lifestyle kept MS from slowing him down as he finished one of the most competitive races of them all the Boston Marathon.


I can help save lives with MS

Alevia had to take a short break from college after her initial diagnosis. Thanks to great care and the wonderful support of her family, she soon returned to finish her studies.

Now Alevia puts her biology degree to work in the quality control lab for the country's premier emergency response organization.


I can be at peace with MS

Debbie is no longer defined by her disease thanks to Iyengar yoga — a unique style developed by an instructor with MS. Although she's cut back on her acting career, Debbie's embraced her situation and refocused her energy in ways that enable her to live an enriched, fulfilling life.


I can be a trusted counselor with MS

Like so many others with MS, Michele has had to adapt to her disease, but she doesn't let it rule her life. She continues her career as an associate dean for one of the nation's leading law schools.


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