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7/14 Listen to Dr. Barry Singer on Cure Panel: Taped July 16, 2014

Dr. Singer was the featured presenter on Cure Panel Talk Show on Wednesday July 16, 2014.  He focused on how to successfully manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, especially symptoms not visible to others. In particular, he discussed options for fatigue, cognitive problems (memory, multitasking), and numbness.  He laid out a pathway towards a cure and highlight exciting remyelination research. The program format was a lively interaction with panelists living with MS.

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12/13 New Video: Understanding My MRI

Don’t understand that MRI report?  Join the club.   T2 hyperintensities, T1 hypodensity, contrast enhancement, atrophy, black holes….   You don’t need an MD degree to learn the basics! This groundbreaking video will break it down in straightforward terms.  Empower yourself by being more informed about your MRI so you can make better decisions with your healthcare provider.  The end of the video addresses the impact of treatment on MRI activity.  If you find the video helpful, please share with a friend.

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9/29 The Latest International MS News: Watch Now!

Watch the Web Event “Advances in  MS Research”.  Back from the ECTRIMS meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany in September,  Dr. Singer discusses in this video new research on repairing myelin, stem cells, progressive disease, and oral pills for MS.

7/29 Watch now: Overcoming MS Fatigue

Watch Dr. Singer’s Web Event “Overcoming MS Fatigue”.

3/16 Watch Now: Dealing with MS Symptoms

Watch Dr. Singer’s Web Event “Dealing With Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms”.