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Multiple Sclerosis: Real Firsthand Advice and Wisdom (3:21)

Coping with fear of the future. Achieving a productive life, reaching your goals. Finding happiness and finding support. Advice on overcoming obstacles and living better with multiple sclerosis.

Understanding My MRI (6:58)

Want to be more informed about your MRI? Learn about the different MRI changes seen in multiple sclerosis and the impact of treatment on MRI activity.

Our Approach: Listening and Treating with Care (4:39)

Learn about how we work closely with our multiple sclerosis patients to develop a comprehensive plan to treat their disease.

Real Patients, Real Stories (6:09)

Be inspired by the stories of our patients, from diagnosis to living with MS, while learning about our multiple sclerosis center.

The Immune Attack (3:01)

Understand how your immune system causes the symptoms of MS.

Carrole’s Story (2:25)

Carrole shares her story of diagnosis and shares tips on how she manages her day-to-day life with MS.

MS Treatment Options: Copaxone (:31)

Learn more about the treatment Copaxone.

MS Treatment Options: Interferon (:43)

Learn more about Interferon treatment.

MS Treatment Options: Tysabri (:33)

Learn more about Tysabri.